Power Cords & Connectors

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SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation, supplies power cords with all the necessary approvals to ship to any location in the world. Cable production begins with the drawing of 8mm copper rods down to sizes as small as 0.05mm and includes all aspects of production, from extrusion to molding of couplers. Our efficient combination of Asian manufacturing and UL-listed facilities for assembly of cordsets and wire harnesses positions SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation to provide you with the fastest possible service at the most reasonable prices. Custom manufacturing and collaborative engineering to your specifications is ALWAYS available.

  • Complete range of approved plugs from around the world
  • Full range of applications
  • Certified to comply with UL/CSA, CEE, PSB and ASTA in a number of countries around the globe
Power Cords & Connectors