• AC backward curved impellers
  • AC blowers
  • AC EC fans
  • AC fans
  • AC frameless rotor motor fans
  • Blowers
  • Chip cooler fans
  • DC blowers
  • DC fans
  • DC impellers
  • Enclosures
  • Fan Heat Sinks
  • IC coolers
  • PWM fans
  • Water resistant fans

Advantages of Fan Heat Sinks
Fan Heat Sinks provide significant component cooling benefits over system level fans. They incorporate a dedicated fan with a heat sink base to increase localized airflow while improving thermal efficiency. These active fan heat sinks allow for greater thermal performance than can be achieved with an equivalent size passive solution. By matching fan performance to a variety of extrusion or other fabricated fin bases, fan heat sinks can be designed to meet specific application requirements.

  • Enhanced performance in less space
  • Increased life and reliability of critical high power components
  • System airflow is restricted or not possible
  • Impingement designs cool adjacent components