LEDs & Accessories


SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation's extensive line of LEDs and LED indicator light products offer high-quality, high-performance lighting solutions in applications across the optoelectronics industry. For through-hole, surface mount, single color, bi-color, flangeless, high-intensity, high bright, single or dual-digit display, dot matrix display or backlighting LEDs, think SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation for your next indication application. With a full complement of standard package sizes available, and more options to choose from, SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation is your global leader in optoelectronic LEDs.

  • Dot matrix
  • Enhanced power LEDs
  • Infrared LEDs
  • LCD displays
  • LED displays
  • LED holders
  • LED lamp housings
  • LED lamps
  • LED/LCD backlights
  • SMD LEDs
  • Custom LEDs
  • Custom assemblies