Global Production. Local Support.

SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation is where you are. Letting you know that with our global production capabilities, we have successfully evolved into so much more than just your hardware partner. Letting you know that we can provide you with local support throughout the United States, Asia, Latin America, Europe and beyond on products and services such as heat sinks, heat pipes, fans, blowers, LEDs, light pipes, LCDs, power cords, connectors, cable assemblies, special plastics and metals, kitting and special packaging as well as hardware.

With years of innovation experience and a complete understanding of Vendor Managed Inventory Systems and Global Inventory Management Solutions , we consistently offer superior technology-based customer service and unparalleled engineering support. Our design-capable field staff is prepared to meet your LED, LCD, thermal products, cable, connector, fastener and all electro-mechanical product needs.

In addition to our global ability to provide you with Just-in-Time delivery of your products and Vendor Managed Inventory programs, we have implemented the following:

  • Cost Reductions
  • Part Number Consolidation
  • Local Warehousing
  • Engineering Design Assistance
  • Custom Packaging/Fitting
  • Automated Ordering
  • Summary Billing
  • Kan Ban Systems
  • Min/Max Systems
  • In-Plant Store
  • Stringent Quality Control Inspection
  • Bar Coding
  • EDI/E-Commerce
  • RoHS Conversions
  • Third-Party Logistics and Warehousing

Let us provide you with leading-edge solutions to today's challenges. With our longstanding commitment to quality and superior customer service, SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation, is your only choice in today's marketplace.