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At SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation, the core of our market approach is centered around collaborating with our partners to provide innovative engineering solutions. It is true that we are not a catalog-house type supplier. Our experience and expertise is where our true value is added for our customers and we invest our engineering know-how into our customers' projects to provide a true partnership. We believe that is how we can best serve and support them in an industry that is constantly changing. If we understand the evolution of the technology, and the evolution of their projects, at the design level then we really can be a TRUE PARTNER with them.

Drawings / Prints

Our Drawings / Prints service is just ONE example of how SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation demonstrates our commitment to our customers' projects. With an immense library of drawings that has been compiled over decades of dedicated engineering collaboration, SJS Products' Engineering Sales Staff and Drafting Technicians work together to provide our customers with the drawings and prints they need.

We are here to collaborate with you. Let us know what you need and then let us partner with you to bring innovative ideas and solutions to your projects. SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation can provide you with the following file formats:

  • IGS
  • PDF
  • STEP

Typical turnaround time on a custom drawing is 2-4 business days.

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