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SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation, understands that engineers need to get their hands on the product. We have a generous sample policy and try to accommodate you, our valued design partners, wherever we can.

In general, if SJS Products has your requested item in stock, and it is a commercially available item, complimentary samples are fairly well available. Depending on the application and product type, there may be a cost factor to discuss but in most cases, these types of Sample Requests are granted quickly with rapid turnaround. Make your Sample Request now!

If SJS Products does not have your requested item in stock, but it is a commercially available item, we go right to work with our vendors to get your samples to you. In these cases, there are typically some quantity limitations but, working through the relationships we have dedicated ourselves to building with our manufacturing partners, SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation, advocates for you. We understand that you cannot know if a product solution will work if you cannot test it. If we do not have stock and are working through the vendor, lead time is 4-8 business days unless stated otherwise.

If our vendor does not have stock of your requested item, and it is commercially available, SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation, is limited to what the factory is able to do for us. This is where those global manufacturing relationships really come into focus. We work with our partners to find out when they may have stock coming in, if they are able to produce your needed samples, and how we can work together to determine an accurate and responsive timeline. This type of situation does typically have lead times of 4-8 weeks and beyond. At SJS Products, we pledge to always be honest with you about lead times, costs and availability. We will work with our manufacturing partners to bridge the gap between your needs and their stock whenever possible.

If your request includes a custom part that may require tooling, First Article Samples would be available once tooling was ordered and completed. SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation, also can provide Rapid Prototyping options, Machining and/or 3D Printing as well. Simply submit a Sample Request and let SJS Products go to work for you!